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roddy handa


Roddy wants to make an impact. He sees a lot of inefficiency in design and construction and strives to cut out all the waste. He’s not your average architect (‘cause he’s a lawyer too) and is always looking for new ways to challenge the mainstream way of thinking.

Roddy is a lawyer, architect, and the principal of holo-blok. He is intricately involved with all projects – whether design or building solutions focused.

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"Roddy has a passion for new technology and creates a vision that supersedes a lot of firms’ way of thinking as they are typically focused on internal processes and tactics as opposed to exploring the bigger picture that innovation and technology plays in the design and construction industry. His leadership throughout the Digital Project Delivery implementation course is challenging the status quo of our industry to develop best practices." Derek Ciezki, ECA Board Director 2019/2020

Roddy is the CEO of holo-blok and one of the original founders.  Roddy is involved with all aspects of design, documentation, Digital Project Delivery, Building Information Modeling, research, development and implementation.  Roddy is all about finding unique solutions to project objectives so that all project participants can have a successful outcome.  
Roddy is a registered architect with experience in a variety of sectors such as retail, corporate office, commercial, light industrial, educational, residential, and hospitality. With more than fourteen years of experience with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, Roddy’s interest in BIM and Integrated Project Delivery have allowed him to develop novel practices for project delivery. These novel practices aim to streamline the design and construction process, and provide a product to owners that contain endless opportunities for post-occupancy goals. This has culminated in Roddy being the lead author for the Digital Project Delivery Curriculum for the Edmonton Construction Association and the International Facility Managers Association - NAC. In addition, Roddy is a non-practicing lawyer in the province of Alberta.  This legal background gives him a multifaceted perspective during projects and a deepened understanding of opportunities and challenges which may arise.

brendan lawlor


Brendan is passionate about design in all forms. His design process focuses on a strong concept that complements the surrounding community. He is an avid sketcher, and visual thinker, and documents every step of the design process. Outside of work he can be found exploring other creative outlets such as bartending & cooking, photography, and exploring the mountains year round.

Brendan is an architectural technologist by trade, and our resident design & visualization expert. He helps clients realize their vision through architectural design and visualization.

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jonathan drachenberg


Jonathan is passionate about all things design and technology, with an especially keen interest in new tools and workflows that enhance collaboration and efficiency. His drive to continually learn and implement emerging technologies has made him an expert in Revit, Digital Project Delivery (“DPD”), and Building Information Modeling.

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adrian harasimiw

Adrian breathes, eats and sleeps all things money, markets and investments. A former cog at what he terms the Financial Industrial Complex, he now relishes in bestowing his unique take and advice on financial matters to his extended financial family of regular people cast aside by the system of Ivory Tower advisors.

By day, Adrian runs his own financial advice practice. He also plays in our money sandbox, ensuring money is working diligently and flowing efficiently.

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dan kern

holo-blok also produces media. Dan is in charge of that.
"Everyone has a story. Even buildings," he says, "and all those stories need to be told."
From videos to photographs to audio podcasts, if you or your building has a story to tell, holo-blok can produce the media that can help you tell it.

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Things are a little in flux right now, but that suits us just fine. We'd love to zoom, google hangout, email or telegram to discuss your project. Or we can grab a real coffee 6 feet apart If you're looking to contact one of us directly, see our team page.

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