we design differently.

We use technology to solve problems.
That's why we design better buildings.

holo-blok's not your average architecture firm.

Sure, we love to design great buildings. What architecture firm doesn't?
But where we really shine is in the way we work. We design better things, more efficiently.

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It's not all about us, we like improving other people's work too.
We work behind the scenes with trades, owners, consultants, and contractors, using technology to find efficiencies in the creation of buildings across Canada (and beyond). We are great at BIM, DPD, AIM, and a bunch of other complicated acronyms that you don't need to understand - because we do.

our story.

We didn't like wasting time on substandard design and inefficient processes - neither should you. Holo-blok was born to let us nerd out on good design and eliminate waste.
We're not set up like your typical architecture firm. We all work remotely (even before COVID), usually right next to our partners. We do this because we love collaboration and don't like overhead. That money should go to better work.
We promised ourselves to only take on projects that fit our story. We want to enjoy the work we do and constantly add value through each of our projects. All this means we don't waste our time, or yours.
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what we do.

We talk a big game, but what do we actually do? We are problem solvers.

We take on all kinds of work. Our team is an unusual team of diverse professionals, including architects, technologists, lawyers, trades, coders, and financial experts. The problems in design and construction are never two-dimensional, so neither is our team.

building solutions

Building Solutions is all about using technology to digitize design and construction. There's a lot going on during a project's lifecycle and it's all connected. Our goal is simple - helping trades, owners, consultants, and contractors play in the digital sandbox so everyone can become more efficient.

here's a little taste of what we do
Digital Project Delivery
Asset Information Management
Building Information Modeling
Process and Workflow Development


We design buildings too - but there's a catch. We only take on architecture projects when you want to design something special. We don't do cookie cutter because there is enough of that in the world. Great design doesn't have to cost more when you leverage technology and get back to design roots.

here's a little taste of what we do
Mixed Use
Community + Civic

give us a listen

holo-blog audio podcast is a series of conversations, ideas, opinions, and a tangential journey to all things design

our latest episode

hb.07, sketching history
Urban Sketchers Edmonton is the group behind a wonderful exhibit called “Sketching History: Rediscovering Edmonton’s Architectural Heritage through Urban Sketching” which is on display at the Prince of Wales Armouries until December 2020. In this episode we talk to Marlena Wyman, Historian Laureate for the City of Edmonton about the group, their work, and why this is so important.

how about a coffee?

Things are a little in flux right now, but that suits us just fine. We'd love to zoom, google hangout, email or telegram to discuss your project. Or we can grab a real coffee 6 feet apart If you're looking to contact one of us directly, see our team page.

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